Tonehunter PUs

    • Custom Handwound

    The new Tonehunter Strat pickups incur in small batches by hand. The best materials and careful workmanship are the basis of our pickups. We never leave the traditional path of hand winding. DThis way we have the full control over the outcome which is perfectly matched in production.




Tonehunter ST Singature Pickups

Our Signature Set is created according to our preferences in meticulous detail: How should a modern single-coil sound that offers the classic features and the resolution of the early '60s pickups and simultaneously harmonises well with modern gain sounds?


This pickup is the answer. Formvar wire, Alnico 5 magnets and the right, slightly hot winding make this pickup an absolute alrounder. The bridge pickup makes particularly much pressure with just the right amount of compression.


Tonehunter ST Woodstock Pickups

The classic replica of California's '60s single coils: Much smacking, rich in overtones, yet never overstated in the heights.

Perfectly compatible from classic overdrives up to fuzz pedals. The classic winding gives this pickup a lot of air to breathe - much dynamic and an absolutely honest approach. Classic 60s.


Tonehunter ST Claptone Pickups

The Tonehunter Claptone single-coil is based on the traditional 60s pickup, but with a slightly stronger winding for that extra ounce of mids. The top end is tuned softer.

These pickups use classic blues and blues-rock sounds without compromise.







all Tonehunter TV videos are available on Youtube: Tonehunter TV




Tonehunter TE Classic Pickups

Tonally detailed replica of the classic Tele Twangs.

With the foundation of warmth and dynamics of the early original. The TE Classic hits the perfect balance of bell-like twang, smacking attack and warm basic tone.


Tonehunter TE Classic Pickups Plus

The hotter version of the TE Classic.

Like the TE Classic with a strong foundation, but with additional windings with more power, especially in the mids. Overdrive pedals and overdriven amps react with earlier compression and soft gain at the same time with defined openness.




Tonehunter J-Bass Signature Pickups

The Tonehunter J-bass in a classic style.

Warm, full and with fine response. Compared to the early originals more open and bright without being harsh. A modern interpretation of the classic: Voluminous, taut, dynamic


Tonehunter P-Bass Signature Pickups

Those looking for the classic P-bass sound, will find them here.

A complex, harmonically rich mid-spectrum coupled with clean and full bottom end. A little more shine in tone than the vintage originals, therefor more modern and versatile.