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We offer many accessories such as guitar cable, patch cable, pickups, looper systems and much more.


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Tonehunter made Strat Sets

The new Tonehunter Strat pickups incur in small batches by hand. The best materials and careful workmanship are the basis of our pickups.


We offer three different versions which provide a spectrum of sound from classic to modern sounds. However, we never leave the traditional path of hand winding. This way we have the full control over the outcome which is perfectly matched in production.


On the detail page you can find more information about the Tonehunter Woodstock, Cream and Signature set.




The Best Vintage Replicas

"In my view, pickups are the voice of an instrument. The sound parameters - and colorings - of this voice can not be played back only in units as ohms and / or ┬ÁH"
Andreas Kloppmann


Kloppmann has made a real science out of the peculiarities of the classic pickups. And the effort has paid off: Who seeks the sound of the rare originals, finds Kloppmann pickups with the best replicas that have so far come to our ears.




Tonehunter Guitar Cable

Tonehunter guitar cable are based on a super-flexible cable with excellent sound quality.


The particularly low capacity guarantees neutral sound behavior. And that is our motto: The cable should not distort as additional link in the chain coloring the sound, but rather be accurate and detailed, transferring all the nuances.


We manufacture our cable with Neutrik gold connectors - either in straight or angle style.


Tonehunter Patch Cabel

Tonehunter patch cable are simply the short version of our high end guitar cable. Because what works perfectly for connecting from guitar to amp causes a similar stunning effect on the pedal boards.


The sum of high-quality patch cables on a pedal board receive the nuances of tone. The mids retain their depth, the heights their fine detail and the bass it's printing and contour.

Tonehunter patch cable are available as to Centimeter accurate customization.