Repairs, Restoration and Mainenance


We check, repair and restore all the classic guitar amps and effects processors. From a simple tube exchange incl. bias calibration, to complete restorations (both tonal and visually) everything is possible. We are able to re-wind old transformers, to reproduce front panels, as well as replacing tolex. When choosing the spare parts we always care about the tonal aspects.


We first like to issue you a costs estimate for 34,50 € (pedals, effect units) or 69,00 € (amplifiers) which will surely be cleared by procurement. Thanks to our stocks largeness we are swift to react and only have to reorder very rarely.


Beyond that we have a wide choice of new and selected and vintage NOS tubes in stock. If you're not able to come over by yourself, feel free to send your stuff by mail. Just send us an Email or give us a call.


Guitar Service

Our guitars service includes all electronic jobs and adjustments.


Beside repair jobs we realize new pickup or tone circuits. For a vintage instruments electronic overhauling, we can resort to original parts.


For fretjobs and wood works we are pleased to recommend you a guitar maker close by.


Pickup repair service

We repair pickups and offer rewindings. Almost all pickups are restorable - not only Fender and Gibson, also Höfner, Framus, Klira, Hopf and many more.

When unwinding a pickup we see its characteristic structure. When rewinding we can apply an identical winding technology to reproduce the original sound best possibly .


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Shipping, Parcel Collect Service or Personal Delivery?

For the shipping way we recommend the use of good package, like the original packaging of the unit.

You are near Cologne or Bonn? Give us a call or contact us via Email and bring your amp or pedal in our workshop.