Hot Tuna

Overdrive Pedal

Open Range

Harmonic Booster


Opto electronical Bias Tremolo




The Tonehunter Tone

Our pedals are created in house development. During the development phase, all pedals are extensively tested in practice, on the stage and in the studio. Only with this effort we can ensure that a pedal takes a musical part in the band. Tonehunter pedals are not only "at-home-beautiful-sounding". The stage experience reveals the unique qualities of the rich harmonic behavior and the tremendous momentum.


The production

We have taken several unique measures in the pedal-sector to perfectly reproduce the high level of the pedals : we use not only excellent parts with tight tolerances. A targeted branding process helps us in component selection.


We guarantee durability through boards with particularly strong tracks, and robust components of Neutrik, Alpha, WIMA and other established suppliers.