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    Howlin' Wolf

    • Classic Wah Pedal

    Classic Wah pedal with vocal character and excellent workmanship. Six switchable basic voicings offer tremendous versatility. With the continuously variable resonant frequency, the Howlin 'Wolf can be perfectly adapted to any setup.


    Howlin' Wolf

    • Classic Wah Pedal

    Only with great effort in component selection and the match of each device, we get the sweet spot of the wah. True bypass, Neutrik jacks, and high mechanical strength are our standard.


    Howlin' Wolf

    • Classic Wah Pedal




The Tonehunter Wah

What makes a real reference wah wah pedal? A characterful, vocal effect - perfectly dosed: from a warm "Uuuh" to an open high sweep, which is not sawing uncomfortably. In order to realize this sweet spot in a wah, the components must be selected with great care.This is the only way to create classic wah sounds that prevail perfect.


The Howlin' Wolf offers maximum versatility:
- 6 basic voicings - from dark growl about classic 60s and Screaming Lead
- Adjustable resonance frequency for perfect setup on its own
- Bottom switch that alternatively leaves the bass neutral or slightly lowers


With the Howlin' Wolf you can implement all the classic wah sounds at the highest sound level.


Perfectly Set Up

The resonant circuit of a wah is particularly sensitive to the components used. Common component tolerances lead to clearly audible differences. Especially close tolerances in component selection provide a unique basis.


Hand Made and Single Matched

Every electronic unit has been selected for tonal reasons and has been sized in closest tolerances. Shortest signal paths ensure a quick signal processing and highest possible dynamics. Not least is the signal path completed by the mechanical units.


Every device is single matched by us before roll-out. This procedure icludes among other things the tonal selection of the IC's. Only by this we can offer absolutely identic sounding overdrives.








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All Tonehunter TV Videos directly available on YouTube: Tonehunter TV



  • Voice chooses 6 different basic voicings
  • Freq adjusts the sesonance frequency
  • Bottom switches the bass response neutral or slim

  • Status LED
  • True Bypass On Off switch
  • 9V DC standard jack or battery operation


  • Neutrik In / Out jacks
  • Heavy duty aluminium housing with best shielding qualities
  • High end board with selected units