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    • full service

    We manufacture complete pedalboards to your specifications. Therefore we offer a individual schedule, valuable signalcables, power supplies and looper units if required, custom made.



    • full service

    We can also use all your pedals or we complete the pedalboard with some of our products. We offer patchcables as a valuable custom product. You already have nice patchcables? We sure use those!



    • long lasting

    Clean cable paths, reliable power supply, absolutely road fit. That's what marks out our pedalboards and racks. We appreciate a setting that is easy to maintain to ensure a quick change of units that need to be serviced.


    Alu Cases

    • made to measure

    We customize our aluminum cases. Instead of wood we use a rigid and light weight plastic. Valuable butterflies, corner profiles and aluminum ledges make these cases indestructible.


    Gold Contacts

    • Tonehunter Gold cables

    For our patchcables we use the same valuable cablematerial as for our 3 or 6 meter instrument cables. We customize this high resoluting and defining cable with golded Neutrik-jacks.


    Patch Boxes

    • individually made

    Our custom made patch boxes can be used just to lead the input- and output signal to the outside or for more complex switching operations. To example if one pedal is optional in the amp's FX-loop or in front of the amp's input.


    19" Racks

    • full systems

    We manufacture complete 19'' systems, which are perfectly tuned to your amp. Perfect ergonomics and signalprocessing are paramount. All power- and signalcables are cut to length.




Custom Patchcables

Tonehunter Gold Series

Aluminium Case

Heavy duty, light weight, custom size

Patch Box

Individually fitted to your needs




1. We Schedule Your Pedalboard

You're interested and want to get an individual offer? Just write to us or give us a call.


At first we need the following information: Which pedals/units are supposed to be on your board? Do you need a special loop or switching functions? In debate we clarify the power supply and wiring oppurtunities. Thereby we allways find the best value.


2. We Built Your Pedalboard

As soon as we found a concrete framework in debate or by phone, you send us or your pedals or drop them off.


Then we begin the test arrangement, in order to find the most ergonomic way and the arrangement with the lowest noise and hum. We take photos of one or two setups and send it to you by mail.


If the setup is any good to you we get down to business: Custom cases, signalcables cut to length, assembly etc. After completion you can test your new board calmly. Or we send it to you.




Compact Board

Small manageable board without additional functions.


WahWah, compressor, two overdrives, the volume-pedal and a chorus. On the output side the AB-switch turns on one of two amps optionally. Except for the volume pedal every unit is equipped with a true bypass respectively upgraded with one. The pedal power 2 plus deliveres a very clean power supply.



With that pedalboard you can trigger a acoustic as well as a electric guitar setup.


Therefor the input initially gets switched to acoustic or electric. The acoustic guitars output can be routed directly via XLR to the mixer or via a 3.5 mm stereo jack plug to a acoustic amp.


XL Board

A pedalboard of a quite bigger size: With that quantity of effectpedals we can only ensure a low-loss signal processing with a well scheduled arrangement and by using valuable plugs.


In this case a custom made minilooper switches several effects out of the chain. The GL deliveres a constant and clean power supply.


Looper Board I

The GLab GSC-3 conduces as a centrical unit here. With that, all units can be setted in a true bypass loop. With in total 99 memory cells we now can program every effect combination and can send midi commands as desired. The GSC-3's easy handling even allows spontanious preset changes.


Looper Board II

The small sized looper solution: With a easy but valuable 5-way true bypass looper we can power up and bypass every single unit or default combinations.


With that the signal path allways perstists short and direct.


Vintage Board

Pedalboards setted up with vintage effects may react more sensible with external influences such as the power supply. Here is a carefully power supply schedule needed.


An old Roland Jet Phaser, a Boss Chorus Ensemble plus an Ibanez FL-301 from the early japanese production period is located on this board. These units are combined with current units. At the lower left there is a space left for a later unit.


Level Board

In order to safe space if required, we can raise a second level: That gives us a additional space for the power supply, which can now be hided under the second level.


Still all power supplies can be reached easily if theres a replacement needed.


FX Loop & Input Board

With custom made patch-boxes we can determine the pedalboards input and output clearly.


It is also possible to connect the amps send and return and arrange it on an effect-loop. With the right choice of power supplies the board works totally humfree or any ground loop.


XXL Board

Every size is possible, like this example shows impressively :)


19" Switcher System

A 19'' Systems felxibility is unrivalled. We setted this system up with a Voodoo Lab GCX switcher. It's the central control unit and offers true bypass loops. The most loops are used with pedals which are placed in valuable rack drawers. Added are 19'' units which are wired up in order to use the amps FX-loop.


A Rane mixer is used as a stereo mixer here. This pedalboard with this setup equipped with a Voodoo Lab Ground Control has a pleasant size. Beside the Ground Control – the switchers remote control – theres is merely a Wah and a tuner mounted on the board.


Multi Amp Rack

This rack powers 4 amps at the same time. Thanks to the 4 Transducers this system can be used completely without microphonics and without cabinets if required.


Therefore this configuration is a luxurious live and studio solution. This custom made 2HU 4way reducer at the top end allows a individual power reduction for each amp.


All bets are off! :-)


Midi System

Fully midi contoled systems flourish in the past years. Almost every 19'' effectunit can be midi controled and integrated in such a system easily.


As a midi controler practically every midi switcher can be used.