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    Spirit 69

    • 100 Watt Handwired Head

    The new Tonehunter Spirit 69 is the reincarnation of the classic British Super Lead. With its unique High Power Damp circuit you'll get the sought after 100 Watts power amp compression even at moderate levels. The Spirit 69 is on tour right now with Randy Hansen and Leon Hendrix. (more)


    London 67

    • Overdrive Pedal

    The Tonehunter London 67 Overdrive bietet durch seine einzigartige Schaltung die spezielle harmonische Endstufenverzerrung klassischer britischer Amps mit starkem Punch und riesiger Dynamik. (mehr)


    Clear Water

    • 2 Channel Clean Amp

    The Clear Water was designed to attain the most delicate and harmonic cleantone. Only best selected devices, most direct signal paths and the waiver of relais in the signal create a pefect interaction between guitarist and amplifier. (more)



    • tonemods, bypass etc.

    We offer a wide range of modifications for modern and vintage pedals to achieve better dynamic and harmonic response, special funktions or individual tweeks. (more)


    Grand Cru 52

    • 1 Channel Overdrive Amp

    The grand cru focusses on the essentials. Ultradynamic Overdrive sound without any compromises. No semiconductors, no relais, just the essential units in the signal path. The feel on the grand cru 52 is direct and unfiltered. (more)



    • hand made pedals

    These stomp boxes reproduce the rich harmonics and dynamic that you know from the best tube amps. We only use best selected componets within shortest signal paths. Furthermore we tune every single unit to guarantee perfect lymatching products. (more)







Comming soon:


The Keef


Authentic Tweed Twin sounds at any volume!


With a new amp circuit design, we implement a saturated tweed amp tone that works well in club volumes.


Each amp features a Tonehunter Custom Speaker which is made only for this amp.


The housings are all aged by hand and have their own individual look.



- 40 Watt

- 1x12" Custom Speaker

- Spruce housing, massive, interlocked

- 2 x 6L6 Rectifier Tube

- 3 x ECC83

- Dynamic Master Control

- Dynamic Shape Control






ClearWater Combo now available in 1x10/1x12



We now offer our ClearWater Combo in the version 1x10 "/ 1x12".


If you like the attack of a 10-inch speaker, but do not want to miss the pressure of a 12-inch speaker, you hereby found the solution.


Incredible dimensionality and depth, as it is otherwise known only from double amp setups.


Of course, as always, all hand wired.




Photo: Christoph Mack

EMMA6 Live 2013

Peter Trevisan plays one of our handmade pedalboards from Tonehunter with a London 67 and Hot Tuna, Dominik Republik plays the Tonehunter Deep Impact Bass Overdrive Preamp.

11.09. Krefeld - Kulturfabrik

12.09. Dortmund - FZW
13.09. Münster - Sputnik Cafe
14.09. Kaiserslautern - Kammgarn
16.09. Frankfurt - Nachtleben
17.09. Stuttgart - Universum
18.09. München - Backstage Club
19.09. Leipzig - Moritzbastei
20.09. Erfurt - Museumkeller
21.09. Dresden - Beatpol
23.09. Berlin - Comet
24.09. Hamburg - Knust
26.09. Neumünster - Werkhalle
27.09. Hannover - Lux
28.09. Bremen - Lagerhaus
01.10. Köln - Stadtgarten



Bosse "Kraniche" Tour 2013

Thorsten Sala plays the Tonehunter Clear Water Amp and Tasty Flakes Pedal.

26.04. Hamburg, Grosse Freiheit 36

27.04. Hamburg, Grosse Freiheit 36
29.04. Bremen, Schlachthof
30.04. Bremen, Schlachthof
02.05. Dresden, Alter Schlachthof
03.05. Cottbus, Gladhouse

04.05. Berlin, Columbiahalle

30.11. Lingen, Emsland Arena
10.12. Neu-Isenburg, Hugenottenhalle
11.12. Würzburg, Posthalle
13.12. Chemnitz, Arena (Halle 2)
14.12. Leipzig, Haus Auensee
21.12. Hamburg, Sporthalle



Pic by Vic Wright,

Dudley Taft on Tour 2013

In 2013 Dudley Taft comes to Europe for a few Gigs. He plays the Tonehunter Clear Water Amp with Pedals.

23.05. NL - Almelo, Cafe België

24.05. NL - Dordrecht, Jazzpodium

25.05. DE - Isernhagen, Blues Garage
26.05. NL - Assen, Café De Witte Bal
29.05. BE -Veviers,Bluesclub Spirit of 66
01.06. NL -Oostburg, Bluesclub The Lane
02.06.NL-Spijkenisse,Muziekcafe De Fles

28.06. US - Greenville NC, Live Bar
04.07. US - Fayetteville Street Mall, Raleigh 4th of July Celebration
02.08. US - Seattle WA, Highway 99 Blues Club
03.08. US - Fife WA, Louie G's Pizza
09.08. US - Port Townsend WA, Upstage
10.08. US - Conway WA, Conway Muse



Randy Hansen on Tour 2013

Randy Hansen is on Tour in Germany with his Tonehunter Spirit 69 Custom Amp.

28.04.13 Lindenbrauerei, Unna

03.05.13 Cafe Hahn, Koblenz

02.11.13 Outbaix, Übach-Palenberg

03.11.13 Harmonie, Bonn

13.11.13 Backstage Halle, München






Karoline Strassmayer & Drori Mondlak
Klaro! feat. Cary DeNigris

21.02.13 Kulturwerkstatt, Paderborn

22.02.13 Schloss Neersen, Willich

23.02.13 Raum für Musik, Taubenbach/Reut

24.02.13 Künstlerwerkstatt, Pfaffenhofen


28.02.2013 Jazzkeller, Frankfurt/Main

07.03.2013 Kultursalon Freiraum, Köln

08.03.2013 Cube 521, Luxembourg

09.03.2013 Konzertsaal Syke, Syke







Rea Garvey "Can't Stand The Silence"
Tour 2013

Thorsten Sala is on tour with Rea Garvey in 2013
with his Tonehunter Clear Water amp.

18.01.13 - Kempten, Germany
19.01.13 - München, Germany
21.01.13 - Bremen, Germany
22.01.13 - Braunschweig, Germany
23.01.13 - Hannover, Germany
25.01.13 - Berlin, Germany
26.01.13 - Leipzig, Germany
27.01.13 - Erfurt, Germany
29.01.13 - Dornbirn, Austria
30.01.13 - Vienna, Austria
01.02.13 - Frankfurt/M., Germany

02.02.13 - Oberhausen, Germany
05.02.13 - Zürich, Schweiz
07.02.13 - Stuttgart, Germany
08.02.13 - Esch-Sur-Alzette, Luxemb.
09.02.13 - Paris, France
11.02.13 - Amsterdam, Netherlands
12.02.13 - Sint-Joost-Ten-Node, Belg.
14.02.13 - London, UK
15.02.13 - Manchester, UK
16.02.13 - Glasgow, UK
16.02.13 - Dublin, Ireland



New Tonehunter Pickups available

We have several new handwound custom pickups in stock:

Tonehunter J-Bass Singature Set, Tonehunter P-Bass Signature Set, Tonehunter TE Classic and Tonehunter Classic Plus.

We guarantee best original specs wire wound traditionally by hand. The result is a classic rich harmonic tone with best tone definition.


Tonehunter Pickups


Mike Onesko on Tour 2012

Mike Onesko is on European tour in 2012. He plays Tonehunter Grand Cru 52 and Tonehunter TNT.

16.04. D - Berlin
17.04. CZ - Jablonec
18.04. CZ - Ceske Budejovice

19.04. D - Dresden, Kunsthof Gholis
20.04. SK - Bratislava, Obchod Muzeu
21.04. CZ - Pardubice



Pic by Vic Wright,

Dudley Taft on Tour 2012

Dudley Taft visits Europe for some gigs in 2012. Check out the dates:.

20.01. NL - Enschede, Cafe Rocks
21.01. NL - TBA
22.01. NL - Wageningen, Bluesclub XXL
25.01. NL - Oostburg, The Lane

26.01. NL - Almelo, Cafe Dr. Rock
27.01. NL - Dordrecht, Jazzpodium
28.01. NL - Oude Meer, The Shack
29.01. NL - Garasj, Jazzpodium





More dates coming soon...


SPL/Tonehunter Reducer

200 Watt Power Soak




Randy Hansen live in Bonn, Germany with Tonehunter Spirit 69

Tonehunter Spirit 69 100 Watt Head





New Videos






Check out our YouTube Videos on our Channel: Tonehunter TV


Tonehunter Little Britain

Der Little Britain vereint erstmals die wichtigsten dynamischen Ampeigenschaften in einer komplexen analogen Simulation: Mit Input Gain lässt sich die Vorstufenübersteuerung eines Amps nachbilden. In Kombination mit dem Bias Poti lässt sich der Charakter von warm bis heiß regeln. Loudness steuert die Kompression und reichert das Signal mit Obertönen an.


Mit diesen drei Parametern und dem umschaltbaren Basic-Voicing lassen sich unzählige typisch Britische Sounds abrufen.




Tonehunter London 67 available now

Endlich ist es soweit: Das Tonehunter London 67 Pedal ist ab sofort erhältlich.

Das London 67 ist das erste Pedal, welches das komplexe Verhalten eines aufgerissenen Amps simuliert


Für eine enorme Flexibilität in der Anpassung des Overdrives stehen zwei zuschaltbare Gainstages mit unterschiedlicher Charakteristik zur Verfügung. Von fast clean bis high Overdrive lässt der Tonehunter London 67 dem Gitarristen alle Möglichkeiten für klassische und moderne Sounds offen. 


Randy Hansen

..visited our workshop in Cologne and played the Tonehunter TNT50 and a brand new Tonehunter Custom 100 Watt amp.


Right now we're in developement of a new 100 Watt Amp for 2011. So, stay tuned! More information coming soon.



Randy Hansen at Tonehunter workshop in Cologne, December 2010.


Mike Onesko live:
Tonehunter Grand Cru 52 and TNT 50 on Stage



Mike Onesko with the Blindside Blues Band in Germany a few weeks ago. Mike Onesko played the Tonehunter Grand Cru 52 amp with Tasty Flakes, Tremo-Phonic and Open Range pedals on his floorboard. Scott Johnson played the Tonehunter TNT 50 amp. Mike about Tonehunter amps: "We loved playing through your wonderfull amps. They sound great!"

Mike Onesko website


Tonehunter Develop & Research since more than 80 years


 The Mighty Orq (Houston, TX) live with Tonehunter Clear Water Amp and Tonehunter Overdrives & Booster pedals


Bare Knuckle Pickups


Houndwound in the UK. Bare Knuckle is a small, privately owned business based in the South West of England, UK, specialising in handwound guitar pickups.


Traditional skills and uncompromising values set the foundation for a hard working yet forward thinking company always ready to come out fighting and stand up for what it believes.


Bare Knuckle Pickups Onlineshop