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    The Keef

    • 1 Channel Overdrive Amp




Keith Richards once said very appropriately: "Well, you've got the sun, you've got the moon - and you've got the Rolling Stones." There's been some truth in it: There is probably no guitar player in the world who is not familiar with the typical sound of the "Human riff". And for all Richards aficionados I finally realized a dream: the Tonehunter The Keef Amp, my tribute to the pithy sounds generated by this Stones guitarist from his '57er Fender high power Tweed Twin with the serial number A0003.

However, with a few subtle but very important Tonehunter ingredients: the Dynamic Master Control Volume for the first time guarantees dirty Tweed Twin sounds at moderate club volumes. For all other occasions the rich 40 Watt 6L6 tube power is mor than sufficient. With the Dynamic Shape control the amp adjusts to any guitar type, whether with humbuckers or singelcoils. The Keef is not only for Stones disciples - his earthy sound makes everyone happy who likes Clapton, Jeff Beck or the "brown" ZZ Top tone of the first albums.





- Optional tube effects loop, Send and Return adjustable. Additional charge 200,00 €







1x12" Combo


- Weight: ca. 18 kg

- Dimensions: (HxBxT) ca. 52,5 x 61 x 22,5 cm

- 40 Watts
- 1 x 12" Custom Speaker
- spruce housing, solid, interlocked
- 2 x 6L6 power amp tubes
- 3 x ECC83 pre amp tubes
- Dynamic Master Control
- Dynamic Shape Control