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    • 2 Kanal Amp

    Two Channel, no compromise, all the Vintage Tones you need...



    • 2 Kanal Amp

    Der Kaleidoscope entstand aus dem Wunsch vieler User nach einem Amp, der den Tonehunter Clean- und Overdrive-Sound vereint.



    • 2 Kanal Amp

    Dichte Obertöne, feine Dynamik und die perfekte Kontrolle über den Pegel - von zimmerleise bis Bühnenlautstärke - machen den Kaleidoscope zum professionellen Arbeitstier für Referenz-Sounds im Studio und auf der Bühne.




The Tonehunter Two-channel

Never before one Amp with two channels covered more sounds and use at the same time the dynamism of a puristic one channel Amps. The Kaleidoscope originated from the wish of many users for one amp which unites the Tonehunter Clean and Overdrive sound. The result: Beginning with the electronics up to the case all handmade amp. The" Kaleidoscope" offers some, perfectly and efficiently control possibilities what gives an extremely wide range of classical sounds.


The clean channel bases on the ClearWater schematics and distinguishes itself by huge Headroom, overtone wealth and warmth.

The Overdrive channel starts smooth in the clean channel and can be torn open perfectly about a light Overdrive saturation up to a classical thick Gain. Density overtones, fine dynamism and the perfect control of the level - from Bedroom volume to stage volume - The Kaleidoscope is the professional Partner for reference sounds in the studio and on the stage.



The Sound control

In the Kaleidoscope several innovations come to carry a perfect and effective adaptation of sound with a few regulators. Both channels divide a sound regulation. So that this sound regulation functions perfectly, We use high-quality, hand-selected components and a individual matching for every amp. For the Tone Setup an additional Shape-Poti is used for the Gain channel which permits a perfect Tone Shape for the second Channel..


Special easy level adjustment suited for practise:

Every channel has a Pre-Gain-Poti. This allows the first channel to be controlled from ultra clean over saturated clean until the light overdrive. The second channel starts where the first quits. His Pre-Gain-Poti regulates from light Overdrive up to a fat, singing Gain. The regulation of the overall masters let the relation between Clean and Overdrive channel unchanged and regulates the output level. A special designed circuit also guarantees even at low Levels a full overtone saturation and a perfect play feeling.




- 36 Watts from two 6L6 Power Amp Tubes by specific power throttling
- 2 Channels: Clean and Gain
-Common sound control for both channles
- Pre Amp Gain per channel
- Tone Shape for Gain channel
- separate volume for Gain channel
- Overall Master
- Tube FX Loop, Send and Return adjustable






Top parts


- Dimensions : (HxBxT) ca. 25,5 x 65,5 x 21,5 cm

- 36 Watts from 2 6L6 Power Amp Tubes

- 2 channels
- effective sound control

- Tube FX Loop