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Quality & Philosophy


Our amplifiers are completely made by hand. Every amplifier is a individual production. All working steps are accomplished by craftsmen in Germany. However, this also means that prices, as it can offer a Chinese manufacturer, are illusory for us. Quality has his price!

Our claim are Amps which are absolutely reliable during hard stage application and in the studio operations and with maximum dynamism, fine tonedrawing and sensitive response sound high-class.

For this we use the best components, how:

- gilt porcelain tube sockets

- hand-wound capacitors, tonal co-ordinated

- handmade transformers from German production

- handmade aluminium chassis

- handmade, finger-joined cases

- tonal selected tubes (NOS on surcharge possibly)

- Potis with metal axle

- Heavy Duty Switches

- Neutrik or Switchcraft sockets

- high-resolution signal cables

- Low-noise good sounding resistors

- own circuits


Every amplifier is tuned individually, submitted to a long test phase to be able to guarantee an optimum performance. Who thinks highly of quality and tone, individual sounds, and would like to enter no compromises, is exactly right with us.Optically every customer can have influence.

WHETHER the Colour of the Tolex, the Grill Cloth , handle color, Knobs, or whether his name is engraved. . . . everything is possible. . . .