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    Crazy Horse

    California cranked Tweed Sounds in any volume, with inovative FX Loop.

    J.B. Special

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    J.B. Special

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"Cranked Tweed"-Ton in jeder Lautstärke


50's Tweet Sounds played by Neil Young among others are absolute "favorites" of mine. After the J.B. Special now an amp that pulls much more. He has this "positive Muddyness". Somehow loose, something special but also super cool. If you are looking for exactly these sounds, if you do not want to spend 4,000 euros and want to trust blind ..... Here is my solution.


Price: 2.190,-€





coming soon...







- 20 Watt power tube

- 2 x 6V6 Powertubes / 5Y3 Rectifier, 2x 7025

- one Channel Amp

- High / Low Input

- Master, Preamp Volume, Poweramp Volume, ,Tone,

- Standby

- inteligenter FX Loop

- Point-to-Point handwired

- Special Designed and modded Neodym Speaker

- Tone selected Tubes

- Tone slected Capacitors

- Custom designed Transformer

- Custom aged on Request


- Weight: ca. 12,5 kg
- size: (HxBxT) ca. 42 x 51 x 21,5 cm